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This is how you do it (and please remember: currently you need a very recent Browser with WebGL support).

HTML Integration

X3D Render Features

Small Models

  • Primitives Box, Cone, Cylinder and Sphere Primitives
  • 2DPrimitives Arc2D, ArcClose2D, Circle2D, Disk2D, Polyline2D, Polypoint2D, Rectangle2D, TriangleSet2D
  • CAD Simple CAD component example
  • Single Mesh Model with a flat hierarchy
  • Normal creation How to manipulate the normal creation process
  • Texture Model with multiple external textures
  • Text Model with 3D Text
  • Dynamic Lights Multiple dynamic lights lit per fragment
  • Fog Simple X3D Fog
  • Shadow Experimental Shadows
  • TwoSidedMaterial Model with two different Materials for the front and the back face

Large Models (takes some seconds)

Mesh Compression

  • BinaryGeometry Mesh data in external binary containers (less than 7 Byte per triangle)

Progressive Streaming

X3D Media Integration Features

X3D Animation Features

Application Prototypes

System Feature Tests and debugging